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We invite you to the expressive metaverse, a world created with blockchain technology

You are able to store, use, and own Cocone M's digital assets as your own on the Web3 platform.

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MOOI Network

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The MOOI network is a blockchain network that allows everyone to enjoy the expressive metaverse.

Even if you aren't familiar with blockchain, we've made it easy to navigate so you can comfortably use the platforms, such as the MOOI Wallet(cryptocurrency wallet) and Cobalt(NFT marketplace).

Express yourself with Cocone and the MOOI Network!

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Meta Livly is the world's first Blockchain Character Coordinating Play (BCCP) service, a P2E service that implements a blockchain based economic structure with NFTs to the <Livly Island> service. Enter a virtual world where you can take care of digital pets and even make some money by expressing yourself and customizing your island. Ready to join?

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Meta Niagho

Meta Niagho is a puzzle based P2E service that implements blockchain technology to the <Cats Atelier> service. Collect art by completing puzzles and experience a miniature version of the Generative art market with Meta Niagho!

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Meta Sensil

Meta Sensil is an avatar coordination P2E service that combines the CCP elements of the original <Sensil> service with blockchain based P2E elements. Show off your style, vote for your favorite outfits, and become the main character of the CCP metaverse!

Character Coordinating Play

No. 1 in CCP worldwide

With CCP services, you'll able to customize and coordinate your own characters, connect with friends, and enjoy yourself in a virtual space. You'll be able to feel Cocone's 12 years of experience with each service.

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Hello Sweet Days

An avatar coordinating service that allows you to customize your fashion and interior design with cute items and even party with your favorite Sanrio characters, such as Hello Kitty and Cinnamon Roll.


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Cats Atelier

A story based puzzle game where you join Niagho, a cat artist who's struggling to remember their owner.


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As the main character of the fantasy world, you'll be embarking on an adventure with unique characters to chase your dream and design your own fashion line. Sensil invites you to battle your way to the top of the fashion world!


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Anybody is welcome to apply and join our crew.Tell us your story!

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